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In 2013, I began a series I refer to as “Center of the Universe” paintings.  They are 360 degree images on multiple canvases.  Each painting is executed primarily on location requiring numerous visits to the site.  Although the paintings are created across multiple canvases, they are single images.  Before starting the 360 images, I was already painting segmentally. Whether in triptych or politych form, each piece of the whole is like a phrase or thought – a piece of a story that can stand alone as a complete composition.  This allows the image to be displayed with some degree of flexibility.  They can be hung separately on different walls in small spaces, wrap corners to emphasize the 3-D nature of the scene or contiguously to form one long view.  And, because the 360 images flow from one canvas to the next, they can start with any canvas. There is no beginning – no end. But when hung together, those separate phrases provide so much more information about the place.


I love history. And I’m rather fascinated with the names of these places. Mt. Rush has no mountain; Port Republic is not a typical port; Burke’s Garden in winter is most ungarden-like. I’m not really sure if I’m choosing the locations where I paint or if they are calling me.

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